Pinc Louds from New York live @ Ca’Sana



Giovedì 21 giugno dalle 21.30 – Pinc Louds in concerto:

Claudi Love – voce, chitarra, kalimba
Ofer Bear – basso
Rai Mundo – batteria

Pinc Louds è una rock band immaginaria capitanata dalla compositrice e cantante portoricana Claudi Love. In due anni e mezzo la band è passata dal suonare esclusivamente nelle stazioni metropolitane di New York al riempire con centinaia di fedeli fans locali della Grande Mela come Pianos, Bowery Electric, Bizarre Bushwick, and House of Yes. La band ha suonato anche a Berlino, Parigi, Lisbona, Madrid, Cile e Porto Rico.
I live dei Pinc Louds sono carichi di gioia ed energia contagiose, con un pizzico di teatralità dark.
Nella loro musica si trovano influenze che spaziano dai Violent Femmes ai Pixies alle The Chordettes e Billie Holiday.

Qui un link per poter ascoltare il loro album Delancey St.Station del 2018:

“Fusing alternative with doowop and soul, Pinc Louds truly create their own genre. Claudi cited poems, wailed, screamed, and sung both soft and strong. The music was so personal, like the raw tunes we shout while alone in the shower. Claudi impressed the audience, picking up a different instrument every song. Her whimsical stage presence projected confidently. Pinc Louds inspired the listeners to let go of their reservations, as their unique music encourages others to be true to themselves, no matter how different or strange.”


Pinc Louds is an imaginary rock band fronted by Puerto Rican composer and singer Claudi Love. In 2 and half years the band has gone from playing strictly in the subway stations of NYC to bringing hundreds of loyal fans to venues like Pianos, Bowery Electric, Bizarre Bushwick, and House of Yes. They have also played in Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Chile and Puerto Rico.
Pinc Louds shows are known for being infectiously joyous and energetic with a sprinkling of dark theatricality. Influences range from Violent Femmes and Pixies to The Chordettes and Billie Holiday.


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